Dog Ate Grapes and Raisins

Dog Ate Grapes and Raisins? What Need to Do and Understand?

What happens if you suspect your dog may have eaten something poisonous? Let’s back up I would like to put a hard sell in for prevention. If you know ahead of time the things that are not good for pets to ingest then make them unavailable.


So let’s say that , here got into my secret stash of Milk Duds that my husband doesn’t know about okay? And I’m worried about him what then all right the thing about chocolate. If you want to get specific, the darker the chocolate the lighter the dog the more toxic it is. If you suspect that they’ve gotten something that’s a dark chocolate like that you can’t induce vomiting quickly.


The way you should do this, have this around the house this is probably the best thing you should have for multiple purposes. A little thing of hydrogen peroxide 3% at your grocery store. Yeah it’s fairly easy to do this. If you have something like I just use a spoon if you have enough in a spoon or even the cap just fill the cap up and the technique is probably pretty much. You tilt the dog’s head up, kind of put my fingers between jaws and I’m going to open the mouth and slightly pour it in keeping the head pointed upwards.


That’s the key if you have the head like this and you’re just going to pour on it so you tilt the head back and just kind of gently open the little mouth pour it in the back of the throat closes mouth and you should swallow that and then what happens once the hydrogen peroxide is in there this hydrogen peroxide. Generally I would say 3 percent of the time is going to cause the dog to vomit just on a reflex. It’s so caustic and nauseating to them it just causes there to just bomb a whatever they just ate what happens if they don’t throw up can they get sick from eating that and then not throwing up. Now you’d have to give a lot of peroxide to cause any metabolic problems it’s just a couple of capfuls you can repeat it if nothing happens in a few minutes you repeat the peroxide.

While snacking on grapes and raisins is a great way for humans to stay healthy and get a daily dose of nutrients. Grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs and can lead to severe health problems including acute kidney failure. All foods containing grapes and raisins including grape juice raisin field cookies trail mix and even bagels should be avoided at all cost to prevent poisoning dogs.

Dogs who eat grapes or raisins may exhibit vomiting or diarrhea within just a few hours of consumption as the toxicity progresses dogs may become lethargic lose their appetites, experience abdominal pain and show signs of dehydration. If the toxicity levels are high a dog may eventually pass only a small amount of urine or stop producing urine altogether. If this happens the dog is in jeopardy of kidney failure.

To date researchers have not been able to pinpoint the exact substance in raisins and grapes that causes this toxic reaction in dogs but veterinarians know that even a small amount of grapes or raisins can be potentially fatal to dogs. If you suspect your dog has eaten any amount of grapes or raisins it should be treated as medical emergency pet owners may be directed to puke dog by their veterinarian but you should not induce vomiting if your dog is not conscious is having trouble breathing or is exhibiting signs of serious distress or shock even.

If you do get your dog to vomit shortly after consuming grapes or raisins you should still seek immediate veterinary treatment emergency veterinarians may use activated charcoal to stop absorption of the toxin. Place your dog on intravenous fluids to help flush the toxins out of the system as quickly as possible veterinarians may perform a complete blood count a chemistry profile and a urinalysis to assess damage to the kidneys prognosis for the dog. Which will depend on when medical intervention was started and how will the dog was at the start of treatment to prevent grape and raisin poisoning it’s important to keep these food items off of counters and out of reach of dogs at all times never leave your dog unsupervised around grapes or raisins. Also make sure children and other house guests know not to offer grapes or raisins to your pet the snack.