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Baseballism is such an amazing store with the entire collection of different trendy bats, balls, base, gloves, helmets, baseball fitted caps, baseball tees, hoodies, jerseys, uniforms, pelvic protectors, protecting cups, socks, watches, bracelets, necklaces, and many more collection which makes you confused to buy what and to miss what. You can have quality and standard products related to baseball in Baseballism store. The baseball toolkit available in Baseballism store and overview is hereunder given for you.

Balls: A cork sphere that is compactly layered with yarn or string and covered with a stitched leather coat is available with matchless price and quality.

Base: The canvas bags with a rubber plate that are usually placed in the corners allowing the player to make a run are available.

Bats: Strong and durable with high efficiency grade alloy is available which is an ideal bat especially for baseball beginners. The bats are rounded, solid wooden and hollow type.

Batting gloves: The gloves when worn by the batter provides better grip and allows to have a big shot. Sweat absorbing and the best quality batters gloves are available at us.

Batting helmet: The presence of helmet while playing is very important. Similarly wearing quality helmets is the most important feature of the game as it protects from unexpected injuries. Such quality helmets meant both for batter and for the man facing pitcher covering the ear part are individually available.

Catcher’s mitt: In general, catcher’s mitt is worn by the catchers in the game. The four fingers are connected and is arranged with pads internally.

First baseman’s mitt: the first basemen will wear the leather mitt. Its make is of standard one and hence can be used with ease and convenience.

Glove: Long finger and webbed awesome leather gloves are available in various sizes that fits for all sized players. It allows the fielder to catch the ball comfortably.

Pelvic protector: It is very important for women players and offer a groin protection for females against severe impact.

Baseball caps: Baseball caps or the hats will be worn almost by all the players of the game. It protects the eyes from hot sunshade. Considering caps, there are many designed and trendy fitted caps are available in baseballism.

Special Features of fitted Caps:

There are various collections of caps. Dark colored with wool and polyester blend material caps are offered. The interior features are featured with the core values of Baseballism naming country, honor, class and the tradition. Both fitted and snapback kinds of caps are available. These caps are not only meant for players but also for audience and the baseball fans.

Shipping and Delivery options: The usual time for the delivery of the shipped product takes 5 -7 working days. Upon priority shipping option, you can get the product in 2-3 days. For shipping items to Canada, the duration for delivery is 10 -14 days. Within the United States, every customer is allowed to return and exchange the products with free of cost.